Flexible enclosed storage, transport and workstations featuring Microban antimicrobial protection as standard
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A modular system of storage, transport, carts and workstations with unrivalled flexibility. Constructed from advanced polymer materials that are easy to keep clean, offering excellent chemical resistance and longevity. Fully configurable to your exact specification and featuring Microban antimicrobial protection as standard.

Medical Carts

Starsys provides a complete system of enclosed carts in a wide variety of heights and system widths. When mobility is a key part of your storage needs, Starsys carts provide a broad selection of unique solutions. This modular system approach allows you to create a cart to meet your exact needs, and swing out Side Storage units increase work surface up to 135%.

Mobile Starsys cart with swing out sidepods
Close up of Starsys cart swing out side storage pods
Starsys anaesthetic cart
Starsys computer ready cart

XD Mobile Units

Extra Deep (XD) units are 12% deeper than standard Starsys units, which creates added capacity for increased storage space. The added space accommodates longer items and presents a novel lean two-bin Kanban approach for protected supply management. Shelves can be repositioned easily and can be set from horizontal up to a ±20 degree angle for (-) supply containment or (+) optimum visibility and accessibility, especially for the upper shelves.

Starsys XD mobile unit showing angle of shelves
Starsys XD single wide unit
Starsys XD double wide unit
Starsys XD triple wide unit

Supply Units

Whether short or tall, narrow or wide, Starsys supply units can be configured in countless ways to customize your storage space. With drawers, shelves and accessories for general storage and speciality modules for catheters, scopes, sutures and the like, customisation becomes a standard feature. Tall Stationary Units are stand-alone products or may be used in conjunction with other tall units or Starsys product families. Mobile Units are stand-alone products and are available in single, double and triple widths.

Starsys catheter suture storage with tambour door
Starsys mobile supply cabinet
Starsys secure IV cart
Starsys triple wide mobile supply cabinet

Mobile Workcentres

Starsys Mobile Workcentres easily adapt to a changing work environment and even inspire change in your work environment. Units can be specified with or without overhead cabinets attached. Standard countertop choices include laminate, stainless steel, phenolic and solid surface; drawer options include choice of polymer drawers or heavy duty drawers featuring stainless steel drawer interior; overhead cabinet shelves are removable, easy to clean, and available in both solid polymer and epoxy coated, open wire shelf designs.

Starsys mobile workcentre with sink
Starsys single wide mobile workcentre with overhead cabinet
Starsys double wide mobile workcentre with overhead cabinet
Starsys triple wide mobile workcentre with overhead cabinet

Stationary Workcentres

Workcentres can be stand-alone products or can be a configured section within a larger product configuration. Workcentres combine valuable lower storage areas with finished modular countertops to offer a complete storage and work area solution. They are made up of two key components: base units and countertops. While sections of Starsys Workcentres can be configured into many physical combinations, these sections are typically divided into two categories: “straight run” or “corner” configurations.

Starsys single wide workcentre
Starsys double wide workcentre
Starsys single and double corner workcentre
Starsys double corner workcentre

Overhead Units

The Starsys line offers two solutions when additional wall storage is required above a Workcentre or when overhead storage is required above a Mobile Workcentre. All Starsys overhead cabinets include corrugated polymer inner panels as well as a clean-design back panel, moulded with the cosmetic side facing the inside of the cabinet, creating a much cleaner appearance, especially when used without doors or in conjunction with a clear door.

Starsys overhead units with tambour doors
Starsys overhead units
Starsys double wide overhead unit
Starsys triple wide overhead unit

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